The Physiotherapist's Handbook for Understanding Sleep

Get the confidence to speak to your patients about their disrupted sleep from this easy-to-read book and clinical toolkit.


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Get everything you need to know about sleep as a physical therapist in this concise, easy-to-read book. 


Andrew Koppejan, PT, MScPT, BBA

Each chapter brings just the right amount of detail to give you the understanding you need as a physical therapist...not as a sleep researcher.

  • Easy-to-read and evidence based
  • Save countless hours of research and reading to get the most important clinical information on sleep 
  • Access a practical toolkit of patient education resources to help educate patients

"I'd recommend this to all clinicians..."

"I thought I was stuck with just sharing a few sleep hygiene rules, but this book has opened my eyes to so much more. It’s an easy, yet educational read and the ideas have been easy to implement with my patients. "

Alana Shannon, PT

"Highly recommended!"

"Sleep health is a topic that has become integral to quality care for our patients. Andrew has created a comprehensive and valuable resource for PTs and other health providers. Highly recommended!"

Bernadette Martin
Faculty, Rehab Medicine
University of Alberta

"Truly phenomenal, relevant and valuable!"

"It is incredibly well organized and easy to read. I appreciate the amount of research cited and the knowledge level of this book. It's a perfect mix of general and scientific language for the therapist."

Shelly Prosko, PT

Become Confident to Talk to Your Patients About Sleep

Deliver more value to your patients by helping them with their disrupted sleep

Become more confident of how important sleep is for healing and recovery

Increase your value as a healthcare provider by providing education beyond simple sleep hygiene rules

Get better results for your patients by integrating sleep into your treatment program

Who is this book for?

Physical Therapists

If you're a physical therapist or other rehab professional working with patients to move and feel better then you'll want to read this book.

Engaged Patients

Reading this book as a patient will help empower you to have more meaningful conversations with your health care providers.

About the Author


Andrew Koppejan, PT, MScPT, BBA

Physical Therapist

Andrew is a a registered physiotherapist and is passionate about patient education and integrating the biopyschosocial model of care into his treatments. Certified in GunnIMS, Andrew regularly works with chronic pain patients and has seen the powerful relationship between sleep and pain.

Through over 170 academic articles, textbooks and popular sleep help books, Koppejan has sought answers to the enigmatic relationship between sleep and health, knowing already that “healthy sleep equals a healthy body,” but missing the “why.”

Why sleep health is important?

Listen to this podcast with Andrew as he shares why on the ignitephysio podcast:

Look at What's Inside the Book


Table of Contents:

A lot can go wrong with sleep.  Explore the effects and health impacts of disrupted sleep on general health, immune function, inflammation, and memory.

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Save yourself hours of time by getting the right level of depth to start helping your patients.

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What good is information without clinical application?

It's far too easy to read a book without integrating it into physiotherapy clinical practice. It's also time consuming putting together professional education materials that you can present to patients. Andrew has created toolkits for the clinician and clinic to help your patients with their sleep.